RF prototypes

IEL will consult and write a specification with our customer, and provide a functional prototype for evaluation. Our skills involve electrical, electronic and mechanical solutions that include CAD and CAM solutions and over thirty years of experience.

Some Projects to date include

  • EMC compatibility solutions from ISDN modems to Variable reluctance drive wood Lathes
  • 500 Watt RF test module for testing cellular base station antennas 820 – 960 MHz
  • 10kW RF combiner system for FM broadcast comprising multiple 1kW transmitters on one antenna.

RF design for navigational aids for synhcronising lights through narrow waterways Suez port authority this involved solar power buoys that required status reporting back to headquarters on the condition of the light and GPS based synchronisation to make the lights flash in the required pattern. US coastguard required antennas to illuminate a channel on an off shore base for pilotage reasons that had to provide the required coverage.

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